Thursday, March 09, 2006


Peasant women invade and destroy premises of a gen-tech company

Yesterday, to celebrate Women's Day, a group of women who belong to a group called Moovement of Peasant Women, invaded the premises of Aracruz Celulose, a respected Brazilian company in the business of pulp production (Aracruz is traded in NYSE).
The group rented 50 buses to take 2,000 volunteer women from Porto Alegre to the city of Barra do Ribeiro, 56 km away, where Aracruz is established.

The Movement, which is affiliated with MST (Landless Workers Movement), is against the use of genetic technology to improve agriculture. MST has invaded some soy plantations in the recent past. Now, Aracruz was attacked because it uses genetic to improve the eucalyptus grown to produce pulp.
The invaders destroyed seeds, bushes, laboratories and computers; Aracruz estimates losses in US$ 20 million. More important, researchers saw works of 10 - 15 years completely lost.

Update 8 April: yesterday, 37 people were indicted by Justice, charged of invasion and destruction of private property. Among the 37 people, there are four foreigners: Swiss journalist Corinne Chantal Dobler, Spanish Paulo Nicholson, Indonesian Henry Saragih and Dominican Juana Ferrer.

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