Thursday, March 16, 2006


Geraldo Alckmin to run for President of the Republic

Geraldo AlckminIn 2006, there will be elections in Federal and State levels.
President Lula will run for re-election.
The main candidate of opposition was defined today: it will be Geraldo Alckmin, from PSDB. There was a fierce internal dispute in PSDB between José Serra and Geraldo Alckmin; Serra was candidate in 2002, when he lost to President Lula. Serra is currently mayor of the city of São Paulo; Serra is, among the potential candidates of opposition, the one with highest ratings in the recent surveys.

Alckmin is currently in the second term as the Governor of the State of São Paulo. Along with his predecessor, Mário Covas, Alckmin conducted a severe adjustment in the public accounts of São Paulo. The State today has a manageable debt and the investments in the past few years have been only growing.

Recent surveys show that President Lula is recovering popularity, after the slumps caused by the denounces of corruption. Alckmin is in a distant second (Lula has about 50%, Alckmin about 20%), but only from now on will he start to divulgate his ideas.

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