Monday, March 06, 2006


General uses authority to embark in a commercial flight.

On the Wednesday after carnival, the Commander of Brazilian Army, General Francisco de Albuquerque, arrived in the airport of Viracopos, São Paulo, with a ticket to fly to Brasilia; he was not on duty, he was not wearing his uniform.
The airline, TAM, had overbooked the plane; the General, who arrived only fifteen minutes before the departure time, would not fly.

The General called up other authorities (in Brazil, both the Infraero, which administer airports, and Department of Civil Aviation, which regulates the sector, have connections with the Air Force). The airplane, which was going to the runway, turned back to the airport; a couple got off, the General and his wife got on; TAM says that the couple who got off the plane did so spontaneously.

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There are two ways to look at this fact:
1) Many people in Brazil fell they are better than others; this happens with Judges, Politicians, Militaries, and many other people with some authority (including all the respective wives).
2) The case with the General repercuted in the media. In other times, few people would dare to accuse a General, even less the Commander of Army. This time, however, many people expressed the unconformity with such an outrageous act; signs that Democracy and freedom of expression are growing stronger and stronger in Brazil.

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