Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Brazilian Army ends slums occupation in Rio

Ten days ago, a gang of drug traffickers invaded a military basis and stole ten machine guns and one pistol. Besides, reports say that the soldiers on duty were slapped on the face.
It looks like the Generals thought that the bandits went beyond limits.
The Army obtained in courts an injunction order to search individuals, vehicles and residences in search of the guns.
The slums of Rio were sieged by 1,500 Army soldiers. Shoot outs were frequent during the days of occupation. Yesterday, the weapons were found abandoned in a corner of a slum.
There were discussions about the legality of the operation. According to Brazilian law, any action by the Armed Forces must be officially ordered by the President of the Republic. President Lula was in England when the operation started; he gave verbal support, but not official support.
Rumors say that the weapons were delivered after behind-the-curtains talks between the Army and the drug lords. The Army operation was hurting the drugs business.
Read what BBC wrote about Brazilian Army in Rio.

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