Monday, February 27, 2006


Weekly Magazines

Only light themes this week. Brazil is getting ready for carnival. Economy and politics slow down.

quality of lifeIsto É: "Quality of Life".
The holiday season is nearly over. Isto É publishes some tips on how to maintain the Quality of Life of vacations even during day to day routine. The article had a contribution from the Brazilian Association for Quality of Life.
The magazine published the following nine rules for a high Quality of Life: take care of the sexual life; have daily pleasures (take a walk, do nothing, skydive, whatever you like); have time for yourself; exercize the body; keep a healthy nutrition; don't demand too much from yourself; see the doctor regularly; keep good relationships; develop the spirituality.

Veja: "Ambition". Veja investigates causes and consequences of why some people are more ambitious (success driven) than others.

Epoca: "Are we all hyper active?". Report on a survey which researched the causes of brain hyper activity.

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