Monday, February 20, 2006


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Gospel according to JudasEpoca: "The Gospel according to Judas".
Época was the only major media news to bring the subject to the headlines.
Being a predominantly Catholic country, Judas is seen as the biggest betrayor in History. Epoca says that documents found in Egypt by a collector may the Gospel of Judas; among other shocking revelations, this Gospel says that Judas didn't betray Christ, that Christ forgave Judas and Judas wouldn't have commited suicide.
The documents are being translated into English, German and French, and are due to be revealed to the world around the Eastern.
Read this Washington Post article about the Gospel of Judas.

Veja: "Plasma or LCD".
The market for TV sets with new technologies is growing fast in Brazil. Veja explains the differences between LCD and Plasma screens. Also, Brazil is about to officially anounce which standard of digital TVs the country will adopt; the choices are American, European and Japanese standards; there are strong lobbies from all groups.
Currently, the standard for analogic TVs in Brazil is PAL-M, a variation from European PAL. Most TVs today, though, are compatible with American NTSC. PAL-M is better than PAL, which is much better than NTSC; colors in NTSC are not realistic and change often - some say that NTSC stands for Never Twice the Same Color.

Isto É: "Mommy, don't go to work".
Mothers in Brazil, like everywhere else, have to conciliate career and children education. Isto É published a report ont his matter.

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