Monday, February 06, 2006


Weekly Magazines

FHC : PT is dishonestIsto É #1894: "FHC: The Ethos of PT is Stealing".
Isto É published an interview with ex-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.
FHC criticized the government of Lula and his Party, the PT. According to FHC, Lula wants to compare results in economic and social fields, in an attempt to hide the many denounces of corruption and dishonesty.
To FHC (and many other people, btw), Lula seems not to care whether or not his Ministors and advisors are caught in corruption acts; in the past (while not in government), PT used to say that they were the only honest Party in Brazil; today, they say that "there are no evidences" (in their eyes) of corruption.
The interview, as expected, caused turmoil among the government leaders, but no judicial action was taken.

Veja #1942: "Clash of Civilizations"
The magazine discusses the causes and effects of the current state of war between the Western world and the Muslim world.

Epoca: "Depression"
An article about depression. Epoca discusses pros and cons of different treaments, like prozac and meditation.

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