Friday, February 17, 2006


Rolling Stones and U2 in Brazil

The Rolling Stones will be playing in Copacabana on February 18th; this is the third time the band will perform in Brazil (they had been here in 1995 and 1998).
The good thing is that this time the show will be for free for the audience; the city of Rio de Janeiro paid (so say the rumors) US$ 500,000 for the show.
There will be only one performance, starting around 10 pm (Rio de Janeiro time), right on the beach of Copacabana; organization expects 1.5 million attendants. Globo, the largest Brazilian media group, will broadcast the show live on TV (and probably on the internet).
From BBC: The Stones' Love Affair with Brazil; BBC says that Mick Jagger had a son with Brazilian model Luciana Gimenez; thanks to this affair with Jagger, Luciana became somewhat famous and is now hostess of a not much popular TV show; visit her website.

Another big band playing in Brazil is the U2, which will perform two shows in the Morumbi stadium, in São Paulo, on the 20th and 21st of February; actually, only one show was scheduled, but because of the high demand another day was arrange.
It was difficult to organize the selling of the about 75,000 tickets for each show (read BBC); this blog informs that people were lining up in front of the gates since Friday, the 17th, to secure a good place to watch the show; also, the blog says that tickets were being sold in the black market for R$ 500 (about US$240), which is more than the monthly Brazilian minimum wage (currently at R$300).
TV Globo will also broadcast the show live (possibly in the internet as well).

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