Monday, January 30, 2006


Weekly Magazines

Veja: "Free, at last"
This year, Brazil will become self sufficient in the production of petroleum. After Petrobras lost the constitutional monopoly in 1998, its productivity increased. Today, Brazil consumes about 1.8 million barrels a day.
The article also mentions the success of the Brazilian program of alcohol (ethanol) fuel. Brazilian car makers developed an engine which works with either gasoline or alcohol; last year, 80% of Brazilian cars rolled out with this kind of engine, called Flex.
The Brazilian Alcohol program is so successful that, this week alone, it received mentions by George Bush and Bill Gates, and caused Page and Brin, Google founders, to visit an alcohol mill in Brazil.

Bruna surfistinha
Epoca: "Bruna and her tribe"
A call girl called Bruna Surfistinha (Bruna, the little surfer) created a blog where she published details of datings with clients (no personal details are revealed).
The blog became successful, and Bruna published a book with the story of her life (the book also became a best-seller).
Now, thanks to Epoca, everyone knows that Bruna was a middle class girl, raised by an adoptive family, who fought her step father over the use of drugs and left home.
Visit Bruna The Surfer blog.

(see Bruna blog).

Epoca's article also shows that this is a growing trend in Brazil. While in the past only poor girls resorted to prostitution, nowadays many middle class girls become escort girls so as to get money to pay for their small luxuries.

Isto E: "Surgeries without suffering"
Article about how the progress of science is diminishing the suffering of patients who go through surgeries.

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