Monday, January 23, 2006


Weekly Magazines

Isto É: "The Electoral Race is On".

The magazine writes about the most important candidates to President in 2006. The cover shows photos of Lula (President of Republic), José Serra (mayor of São Paulo), Geraldo Alckmin (governor of São Paulo), Anthony Garotinho (ex-governor and husband of current governor of Rio de Janeiro), Heloisa Helena (Senator), Germano Rigotto (governor of Rio Grande do Sul) and Nelson Jobim (Justice of the Supreme Court).

Época 401: "Wikipedia: the biggest encyclopedia in the world, for free".
A report about wikipedia.

Veja 1940: "Virtual Cheating"
Article about how Brazilian men and women are using the internet to cheat their partners. Many times, the affair is only virtual (physical contact never happens); Veja analyses the impact of these affairs on the lives of the couples involved.

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