Monday, January 09, 2006


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Juscelino KubitschekEpoca 398: "JK: Dream and Illusion"
This year, it will be 50 years after President Juscelino Kubitschek took office as President of Brazil, and 30 years after his death.
JK, as he is known, was one of the most popular Brazilian Presidents ever. During his government, Brazil experienced a quick growth (JK's motto was "to grow 50 years in 5"). JK was important for the industrialization of the country (he invited important car makers to establish in Brazil), and was the main responsible for the construction of Brasilia.

Now, the media is taking a look at the other side of JK. A series in popular Brazilian TV Globo will be focused on his personal life (he was married, but popular with women). Economists say that Brazil paid and is still paying for JK's dreams; Brasilia, for example, was paid with funds from Security Savings, and that is the root of the deficits Brazilian have to cover today.

Juscelino is also on the cover of Isto É, with the headline: "JK: why the myth survives".

Veja 1398: "Good for the Brain". The magazine investigates the influence of modern appliances, such as videogames, computers, etc, on the mental development of children.

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