Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Brazilian General commits suicide in Haiti

General Urano Teixeira da Matta Bacellar was found dead, shot by a gun, on Saturday January 7th 2006 in Haiti.
Gal. Bacellar was the commander of the Brazilian Peace Forces in Haiti.
Forensic doctors confirmed that the General committed suicide. He put the gun in his mouth and shot.
Other officials say that the General was showing symptoms of depression; not many details were revealed. The Brazilian Army, as expected, says that all officers and soldiers are ready to fulfill their duties.

The Brazilian Army attended a UN request to send a Peace Force to Haiti. Many criticized the decision, arguing that the Brazilian government should have the internal problems at a higher priority. Others say that this was a manoeuver by the Brazilian Diplomacy to pave the way for Brazil to gain a seat in the Security Council at the UN.

Fact is that the complaints by the soldiers have been growing much lately. Off record, officers say that the Brazilian government is not sending enough financial or human support. The situation in Haiti is not getting any better, because the country doesn't even have an official government (elections are due in February). The problem in Haiti is not of military nature, like in Iraq, and thus can not be solved by Armies; the problem in Haiti is of social nature, and requires other kind of intervention to be solved.

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