Monday, December 05, 2005


Weekly Magazines

economic growthVeja 1934: "The Big Leap"
Veja publishes a study conducted by American Consulting Company McKinsey which concluded that Brazil would enjoy a big economic growth (the big leap), if they could remove five big stumbling blocks. Such blocks are: Informality (tax dodging, copyright infringement, etc), Macroeconomic Deficiencies (high interest rates), Regulatory Problems (too much bureaucracy, high taxes, to much labor legislation), Low Quality Public Services (bad public education, health system, police, Justice) and Infrastructure (roads in bad conditions, uncertainties in energy suply, etc).

Isto É: "Get Ready for Summer".
Brazilian summer (as well as the entire southern hemisphere) starts on December 23rd. Isto É brings some tips to better enjoy the season.

Época 394: "The Cure by the Equilibrium".
According to the magazine, one third of the Brazilians who attend doctors also make use of some alternative means of alternative medicine, such as oriental therapies, meditation, teas, fitotherapic tablets, etc.

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