Monday, December 19, 2005


São Paulo FC is World Champion

Sao Paulo champion in Tokyo

Dec. 18th. 2005 São Paulo FC won Liverpool by 1 x 0 in Tokyo and became the champion of the World Clubs Championship (aka Toyota Cup).
This is the third time that São Paulo wins that title, repeating the achievement of 1992 (beating Barcelona) and 1993 (beating Milan).

The teams:São Paulo: Rogério Ceni, Fabão, Edcarlos and Lugano; Cicinho, Mineiro, Josué, Danilo and Júnior; Amoroso and Aloisio (Grafite).
Liverpool: Reina, Warnock, Carragher, Hyypia and Finnan (Riise); Alonso, Sissoko (Sinama), Gerrard and Luis García; Kewell and Morientes (Crouch).

Liverpool played better most of the match. São Paulo scored the goal early in the first half. Goalkeeper Rogério Ceni, from São Paulo, was the best player of the match.
São Paulo, like all other Brazilian teams, doesn't have great stars (all the best Brazilian players are in Europe). Rogério Ceni and Cicinho sill probably be in the World Cup 2006, but as substitutes. Besides them, only Júnior and Amoroso have played with the Brazilian National team in the past.

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