Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Federal Universities to finish the strike

The Union of professors of the Brazilian Federal Universities announced today (Dec. 20th) that they would stop a strike which has been going on for 112 days; at the peak of the strike, professors in 39 out of the 61 Federal Universities joined the movement. This was the longest strike ever (in 2001, another strike lasted 108 days).
To recover the lost time, students will have to attend classes during the weekends and holidays.

Union leaders declared that they were not happy with the government proposal of an increase of 9.75% in salaries.
Professors wanted asked for an increase of 18% in salaries, and an increase of 30% in retirement benefits (today, retired professors have a decrease of 30% in benefits, compared to salaries).
According to the Union, the payment of professors today consists of 25% base salary and 75% productivity bonus. The base salary ranges from R$ 700 to R$ 1,089, for adjoining professors with exclusive dedication (40 hours/week).
Read this article in Portuguese about strikes in Universities.

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