Thursday, December 15, 2005


Federal Deputy involved in corruption is found not guilty

Wednesday, December 14th 2001, the Federal Chamber voted the impeachment of Federal Deputy Romeu Queiroz (affiliated to PTB in Minas Gerais). Only 250 Deputies voted for the impeachment (out of a total of 513 Deputies). For the impeachment to be approved, 257 votes were necessary.

Romeu Queiroz confessed that he received about R$ 450,000 (about US$ 200,000) from Marcos Valério, the man who carried bags full of cash and involved the entire Lula government in a corruption scandal. He did not declare that money, either to the Electoral Justice or to the Brazilian Tax Agency; both these omissions are tipified as crimes by the Brazilian legislation.

In his defense, he said that he passed all the money on to other affiliates of his Party (he did not give any names).
The Government used his influence to help Romeu. Minister Jacques Wagner, of Institutional Relations, and Minister Walfrido Guia, who is affiliated to the same Party of Romeu, spent the day talking to Representatives and trying to persuade them to vote in favour of Romeu.

The result caused indignation among Brazilian citizens.
Read report by O Globo about the case.

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