Monday, November 28, 2005


Weekly Magazines

Veja 1933: "Palocci: Indispensable and Vulnerable"
Finance Minister Antonio Palocci is, right now, indispensable and vulnerable.
Indispensable because he is the guarantee that the current economic policy (fiscal surplus, floating exchange rate, inflation target) will be maintained. Other sectors of the government, led by Minister Dilma Roussef (chief of Staff) and other important ministers like Minister of Development Luiz Fernando Furlan and Minister of Agriculture Roberto Rodrigues defend that the federal government should spend more money in the near future to boost the economy, even if that requires more inflation and smaller surplus.
Vulnerable because Palocci has been charged of misdeeds from the time he was mayor of Ribeirão Preto, important city in the interior of São Paulo. Palocci is charged of having received illegal money from contractors and passed it on to his Party, PT. Also, there are rumors and evidences that some of Palocci's ex-advisors in Ribeirão Preto were conducting prosperous private business using their close relations with the now Minister.

Epoca #393: "The Power of Change"
The magazine explains why people fear abrupt changes in life, and how to overcome it.

Isto É: "Shame"
Isto É describes the shameful conditions of the Public Health System.
A young boy aged 9, living in a small city in the State of Pará, fell from a tree and entered coma. The mother rushed to the local medical post, but there were neither doctors nor equipments. He was driven by ambulance to the capital, Belém, 300 km away; in the first hospital, there were no vacancies. He checked into the second hospital, after crying appeals by his mother. He died three days later.
The magazine reports several other cases of hospitals in bad conditions, in several states of Brazil.

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