Thursday, November 17, 2005


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pedophile priestsIsto É: "Diary of a Pedophile".
In a long article, the magazine describes several cases of pedophilia involving Catholic priests. In a few cases, priests are being criminally prosecuted; in others, the Church uses their prestige to protect criminals (usually practices: moving the priest to other areas; persuade the family to withdraw charges; accuse detractors of conspiring agains the Catholic Church).
Isto É mentions two cases where the priests wrote diaries to register what happened between them and children under their care. In both cases, the priests are arrested.

Veja #1931: "The Man Who Explains the World". About Steven Levitt, author of Freakonomics, where he reveals the obscure side of everyday life.

Epoca #391: "Fraud". In the recent scandal, the argument used by PT is that Banco Rural loaned money to Marcos Valério which loaned it again to PT (PT admits having commited the crime of not declaring these transactions, but does not admit the crimes of fraud or corruption).
Epoca interviewed an ex-director of Banco Rural. He said that all involved (the Bank, PT and Marcos Valério) agreed in creating a scheme by which money derived from corruption in the government would be laundered through the Bank and then passed on to PT.

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