Tuesday, November 01, 2005


President Bush to visit Brazil

US President George W. Bush will visit Brazil. Bush will go first to Mar del Plata, Argentina, to participate in the 4th Summit of Americas. Last time a US President visited Brazil was in 1997, when Bill and Hillary Clinton spent a few days in the country.
Bush will arrive in Brasilia Saturday night and will leave Sunday afternoon; on Sunday, he will have lunch with President Lula.
The security services, both American and Brazilian, are working harder than ever (read O Globo). Bush fears terrorism and anti-American protests.
Read this analysis of the Bush trip to Brazil, by UPI.

Bush and Lula had a meeting, as planned. Main subjects discussed: the admission of Brazil into the UN Security Council (which is not of interest of USA) and the end of subsidies to agriculture (Bush said he will agree, if Europeans do the same).
Read the report by the White House about the visit of President Bush to Brazil.

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