Thursday, November 10, 2005


Mike Tyson faces the Police in São Paulo

Mike Tyson in BrazilAmerican boxeur Mike Tyson was taken to a Police Department in São Paulo.
Tyson spent the night in a night club. He asked the paparazzi not to take photos or record images of him. One of the paparazzi insisted in filming Tyson, who grabbed the camera, spoiled the tape and punched the paparazzi.
Tyson was taken (peacefully) to a Police Department where he spoke to the officer and was released. Friday, Tyson should see a Judge; according to Brazilian legislation, the sentence in such cases is payment of fine, rendering of public services or donations of food baskets to charities.

Wednesday, Tyson spent the night in an upscale club for singles. He took six women to his hotel, but the women were not allowed in. See report by O Globo about Tyson in Brazil.

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