Monday, October 31, 2005


Weekly Magazines

Veja 1929: "Dollars from Cuba to Lula's campaign".
dollars from Cuba
The magazine interviewed Rogério Buratti and Vladimir Poleto, former advisors of Finances Minister Antonio Palocci, when he was mayor of Ribeirão Preto (large city in the interior of São Paulo). Both said that they would have helped Ralf Barquete, also Palocci's ex-advisor, to bring (illegally) a large amount of cash, in dollar bills, from Cuba to the treasurer of the Worker's Party, Delúbio Soares. Buratti says it was US$ 3 million, Poleto says US$ 1,4 million.
The Brazilian legislation forbids a Political Party from receiving funds from any foreigner entity. The infringent Party may be shut down.
The investigation should be difficult, because Ralf Barquete died of cancer last year.

Isto É: "Cease fire is over".
Government and Oposition, who had been quieter the past weeks, went at war again.
The Government charges the PSDB of also being involved with Marcos Valério (Senator Eduardo Azeredo, who acknowledges that his campaign was funded by Valério, but denies any misconduct, was forced to resign from the Presidency of PSDB) and his corruption scheme.
The Oposition charges the government of trying to create smokes and mirrors to hide the corruption and incompetence in Lula's government.

Época: "The New Intelligence". The magazine explains how to activate the mind and improve intelligence.

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