Sunday, October 23, 2005


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solutions against crimeVeja 1928: "Seven proven solutions against crime".
Veja defended the vote NO in the referendum (meaning: Veja was against the prohibition of sales of weapons).
Now, Veja proposes seven solutions that, much more than the prohitibion, would help combat criminality in Brazil.
Veja proposes: 1) providing professional education to youngsters; 2) arrest criminals and keep them arrested; 3) close bars early and create communitary police; 4) combat corruption in the police; 5) provide training and better equipment to the police; 6) improve the efficiency of Jusice; 7) combat the usage of drugs (instead of the traffic).

Pelé turns 65 years oldEpoca 388: "Pelé tells it all".
Pelé turned 65 years old last Sunday, October 23rd 2005. In an interview to Época, Pelé reveals how he views his life today, and what he plans to do in his soon to come retirement.
It's a very interesting interview, because it touches in many aspects of the private life of Pelé, and he didn't refuse to answer anything. He spoke about his relationships with his sons and daughters ("I didn't care about his education as much as I should have", he said about his son Edinho, who was arrested a short ago for association with traffic of drugs) and his business (Epoca says that Pelé has US$ 40 million in assets, less than Ronaldo, who's got US$ 140 million).
Time permitting, I will make a translation available.

Isto É: "The risk of a super-epidemy". A report about the bird flu, with its potential effects in Brazil and the world.

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