Monday, October 17, 2005


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Celso Daniel murderingVeja 1927: "A Ghost Daunts PT".
A long report about the murdering of Celso Daniel, ex-mayor of the city of Santo André, near São Paulo, and important affiliate of PT, Worker's Party.
Daniel was killed early in 2003, when he was mayor. He was kidnapped and showed up dead two days ago. Initial investigations concluded that it was a common crime: murderers were arrested and would have confessed the crime.
However, over time, a growing aura of mistery surrounded the crime.
First, it was found out that the man who was driving the car when Daniel was kidnapped, a long time friend of Daniel's and owner of bus companies in Santo André, was involved with a corruption scheme; some people, including the brothers of wife of Celso Daniel, charged that ex-friend of having ordered the murder, because Daniel would be cracking down on the scheme. Furthermore, these people accused some high members of PT, including ex-Minister José Dirceu, of not only being aware of the scheme, but also of being beneficiary of the proceeds of the scheme.
Then, for a few months, there was a clash over the way the investigations should go: the Worker's Party clearly defended the conclusion of a common crime, and wanted to close the case; the family defended the hypothesis of political crime, and wanted further investigation.
And last, the strangest part: since the murdering, seven witnesses related to the case have been killed. One of the confessed murderers was killed in prison. Waiters who would have served the mayor at the night of the crime were killed. Last week, a forensic doctor, who, against superior orders, said that the mayor had been tortured before being shot (which would evidence that murderers wanted him to say something, which, according to the police, is an evidence of political crime), appeared misteriously dead at his office (police will investigate whether he was murdered or commited suicide).
Against all evidences, PT refuses to recognize the murder as a political crime (BTW, in 2003, right after the murder, before denounces of the involvement of PT, Lula and other leaders said the case was clearly a case of political crime) and the charges of corruption in Santo André (which, if existing, would operate in a similar scheme to the much more covered federal scandal).

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