Saturday, October 29, 2005


Leaders of Landless sentenced to jail

Judge Mauricio Ferreira Fontes sentenced yesterday four leaders of the MST - Movimento dos Sem Terra (Landless Movement) to serve ten years in jail, with no bail out. The list of sentenced includes José Rainha Júnior, one of the main leaders of the movement, who has already been arrested in the past.
The charge against them was to occupy and damage private properties. MST routinely invades farms they consider unproductive; while occupying the farms, MST members usually kill livestocks and harvest the crops to feed themselves. When a judicial order comes, they leave the place, but do not respond for the damages.
Only one of the convicted leaders was jailed. Rainha and two others are running. Their lawyers is preparing an appeal.
Read what O Globo wrote about the arrest of MST leaders.

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