Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Brazilians reject gun sales ban

On Oct. 23rd, Brazilians had to vote in a referendum, answering to the question: "Should the sales of guns and ammunition be banned?".
Nearly 22% of Brazilians didn't vote (even though it is a duty). About 64% of the voters answered "NO", and 36% answered "YES".
Read what BBC said about the gun sales ban.

Specialists say that the main reason to explain the result is the disbelief of the population in the State, which has not been capable of providing efficient public security services; read this article on O Globo about this (quick registration required).
With this result, the commerce of weapons is legal, but many restrictions apply to those who want to buy a gun: one must be older than 25 y.o., must have a clean police record, must pass in psychological and technical exams, *must prove the necessity of having a gun*. It is still to be regulated how one can prove his necessity of having a gun; some people said (particularly those who defended the NO) that the legislation is already tight enough, having a gun legally is already very difficult in Brazil.
The possession of guns is regulated by Law 10826, Dec. 22 2003. Only one article of the law was put to referendum by the population. All other articles remain in force. This page by the Ministry of Justice presents some FAQ about disarmament in Brazil.

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