Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Weekly Magazines

For the first time after several months, none of the major Brazilian magazines talks about the political crisis in Brazil.

scandal in Brazilian soccerVeja 1924 brings an exclusive report: the "Whistle Mafia".
The Police caught a referee who was paid by a group of betters to influence the results of some matches; the betters placed bets on (illegal) internet sites. The referee was paid about R$ 15,000 (about US$ 6,000) per match. The betters didn't bet on odd results; instead, they bet only on the favourite team to win the match, the referee being only an extra insurance.
It is certain that at least eleven matches are under suspicion; the Sports Justice in Brazil will analyse each of the match, and some may be nulled. A few teams which already declared that they intend to go to courts to rectify their situtation.

Isto É says "It is possible to be happy".

middle class outlawsÉpoca brings a report on the "Middle class outlaws".
It is a report about the growth of cases of middle class youngster involved in outlaw activies. Most cases are related to traffic of drugs: xtc, anphetamines are produced in Europe and brought into Brazil by young travellers who distribute the drugs among friends and in parties.

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