Monday, September 19, 2005


Weekly Magazines

Isto E 1875 publishes on the cover that José Janene, a Federal Deputy, would be involved in cases of corruption when he was a politician in Londrina, his home town, by which he would have collected more than R$ 7,700,000 (about U$ 3,5 million).
Janene is also being investigated of having received money from the current corruption scheme, which involves the Federal Government. He is one of the Deputies who shall be ousted by the Congress.

Veja 1923 makes a reference to the Worker's Party: it was made of glass and broke apieces.
The Party conducted elections this last weekend, to elect the new Directory Board. There is a fierce dispute between leftist sectors, which say the Lula's government betrayed the original ideals of the Party, and the pro-government sector, led by ex-Minister José Dirceu.
Veja describes the History of the Party (which turns 25 years old this year), noting how different the original PT was from the PT in the government.

Epoca 383 asks on the cover: "How far will the clean up go"?
Eighteen Deputies were accused by the Probing Comissions, and are likely to loose their offices. One Deputy (Roberto Jefferson) was already ousted. Two Deputies resigned, to avoid being ousted. The magazine says that a few more Deputies may end up resigning or being ousted.

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