Monday, September 12, 2005


Weekly Magazines

Brazilian economy is stronger than the crisisVeja 1922 reads: "Stronger than the crisis". The magazine says that, despite all political turmoil, the Economy keeps showing positive results (inflation decreasing, foreigner commerce growing, perspectives of reduction in interest rates).

Both IstoE 1874 and Epoca 382 show Severino Cavalcanti on the cover page. Last week, Veja published that Severino would have asked money to a restaurant owner in order for him to keep running the business in the premises of the Congress.
On Friday, the owner confirmed, before a Comission, that he paid money to Severino; he described in details how Severino demanded an upfront amount (R$ 40,000) and then monthly payments (R$ 20,000). Severino will probably loose his office.

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