Monday, September 05, 2005


Weekly Magazines

IstoÉ 1873: "It´s time to cut heads".
The Investigatory Comissions have been working for nearly two months now, and the names of Representatives who will be expelled are already in the press. The Comissions will propose, in a first moment, that eighteen Deputies loose their offices.

Época #381 brings a photo of the President of the Deputies Chamber, Severino Cavalcanti, and the title "Operação Abafa". This term is used in Portuguese to describe the action of hiding the dirtiness under the rug.
Severino gave interviews suggesting that the Representatives being accused should receive lighter penalties (as light as just a censur) for having received illegal money.

Severino Cavalcanti is also on the cover of Veja.
Veja obtained documents showing that the owner of a restaurant which operates in the premises of the Federal Parliament paid, during a few months, a bribe of R$ 10,000 to Cavalcanti. During that period, Cavalcanti was Secretary of the Federal Chamber, and as such he was in charge of signing and renewing the contracts which allow the operation of restaurants and other services inside the Chamber.
Veja says that the contract was supposed to be finished, and a new bidding to take place. The owner paid the money and Cavalcanti allowed the contract to be renewed.

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