Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Severino Cavalcanti resigns

Severino Cavalcanti resigned today from his office as Federal Deputy.
The owner of the restaurant which operates inside the Parliament premises, who accused Cavalcanti of demanding bribery to renew the contracts, showed this week copies of the cheque (amount of about US$ 2,000) which was withdrawn by a secretary of Severino. This was considered a very strong evidence of Severino's misconducts, and his impeachment was certain. Severino resigned before being impeached, and maintained his rights to run for a new office in 2006; Severino said "the people from Pernambuco know I am not guilty; I will be back".

The President of the Chamber is powerful. He is the one who can speed up, slow down or completely halt proceedings. He decides which drafts of law shall be voted. He decides if an ethical trial (like the many which currently threaten the allies of government) should be carried on or not.
Severino was elected because, early this year, the government tried to impose a politician which had no acceptance among politicians (the government had not been striken by the corruption crisis yet), called Eduardo Greengalg. The oposition launched another candidate. Cavalcanti managed to gain the votes of the Deputies which were not satisfied with neither of the candidates.

Severino will probably enter Brazilian History as the worst President of the Federal Chamber of all times. He openly admitted that he would employ relatives as his advisors; he obliged Lula to give a job to his son in Pernambuco, as manager of the Health system; he openly blackmailed the government to try to appoint a friend of his to "that Division in PetrobrĂ¡s which drills wells"; he openly advocated that members of Parliament should have a substantial increase in salaries and perks.

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