Saturday, September 10, 2005


Paulo Maluf is arrested

Paulo MalufPaulo Maluf, one of the oldest Brazilian politicians, was arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police.
Maluf and his son Flavio were arrested charged of having tried to corrupt a witness.
Maluf started his political career during the dictatorship regime. He was first appointed (by the military) mayor of the city of São Paulo, in the early 70s. Late 70s, he was appointed governor of the State of São Paulo. In the 1980s, he was a Federal Representative. From 1992 to 1996, he was again (this time, by election) mayor of São Paulo. Paulo Maluf was usually referred to as "a politican who steals, but gets things done"; he was responsible for the construction of several roads, bridges and other infrastrucutre, but he always had to respond to accusations of dishonesty.
Prosecutors found some evidences that, during this last term as mayor, Maluf would have negotiated high contracts with large building companies; the companies would be given the contracts at a price way above normal, and in turn would pay briberies to Maluf. The evidences, however, were not enough to put Maluf in jail.
Last week, the police recorded conversations between Maluf, his son Flavio and a dollar dealer in São Paulo, who had the incumbence of sending all the illegal money to banks abroad. In the conversations, Maluf and Flavio offered money to the dealer, provided that he didn´t tell the truth to the authorities.
Maluf was so arrested under the charge of trying to corrupt a witness and obstruct the Justice. The dealer, questioned by the Police, confirmed that he sent millions of dollars to banks outside of Brazil.

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