Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Brazilian Chamber ousts Roberto Jefferson

JeffersonBy a margin of 313 votes for and 156 against, the Brazilian Chamber decided that Roberto Jefferson should loose his office (any decision should be taken by the absolute majority of the 513 Federal Deputies, i.e., 257 votes were necessary).
With the decision, Jefferson lost his political rights for eight years; only in 2015 will he be allowed to run for any political office.
This time, Jefferson was condemned by a political jury. He was charged of accusing other Deputies without presenting evidences, which was considered an anti-ethical behaviour. The Comission of Ethics proposed the expelling of Jefferson, and the Federal Chamber endorsed the proposal.
Jefferson is still being investigated by the Probing Comissions. The conclusion of these Comissions, if crimes are involved, are sent to the Public Prosecution, which may file a criminal suit against Jefferson.
In his last speech, Jefferson thanked all his staff which accompanied him for nearly 24 years, and said that the Congress should spend more efforts in investigating the Executive Power, where, according to him, the focus of the crisis was.
Read Bloomberg's comments on the matter.

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