Monday, August 29, 2005


Weekly Magazines

political marketingVeja #1920 wrote on the cover "Artificial Politician".
That´s a reference to the fact that politicians in Brazil are elected primarily on the artificial image that professional publicists create for them.
The reason for this is that most Brazilian political parties don´t have a programme, and there is no law to prevent politicians from changing parties. So, candidates in campaign stress much more his/her personal image ("I've built many roads", "I fought capitalism") than his/her political ideologies. An interesting note is that Fernando Henrique Cardoso spent the same amount of money (about US$ 40 million) to be elected in 1998 as Bill Clinton spent to be elected in 1996.
citibank scandalIsto É #1872: "How Citibank received a billionaire present from Brazilian Savings Funds".
According to the magazine, the biggest Brazilian Retirement Saving Funds (namely, the funds of the employess of Petrobrás, Banco do Brasil and Caixa Econômica Federal) commited themselves, by contract, to purchase shares of Brasil Telecom which belong to Citibank. The agreed price is much above the market price. This means that Citibank will profit over R$ 1 billion in the operation.
The case will be investigated by the Probing Comissions.
Época 380 also talks about the Retirement Funds: "The Route of PT Dollar".
The magazine investigates how the money from the funds may have been used by Marcos Valério to pay his illegal transactions.

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