Monday, August 15, 2005


Weekly Magazines

Lula impeachmentVeja #1918 writes on the cover "The fight of Lula against the impeachment".
Veja considers that there are enough elements to start an impeachment process; the two last denounces against Lula were Duda´s declarations (see entry below) and Waldemar Costa Neto´s declaration published by Epoca that Lula knew that the Worker´s Party was paying R$ 10 million to obtain political support from the Liberal Party in the Presidential elections in 2002.

Lula purchased supportEpoca #378 writes: "The Confession". In an exclusive interview, the President of the Liberal Party Waldemar Costa Neto (who resigned from his Deputy term two weeks ago to avoid a process for anti-ethical conduct), declares that Lula and José Dirceu knew that the Worker´s Party paid for political support in 2002.
The vice-President José de Alencar is affiliated with the Liberal Party and also a successful businessman (he is the owner of Coteminas, a large textile company). During the campaign, Alencar was the capitalist side of the coalition. Now, Waldemar Costa Neto declares that the coalition was only possible because, after a long bargaining (initial asking was R$ 20 million), the Worker´s Party commited to paying R$ 10 million to the Liberal Party.
Liberal Party is one of the Parties accused of having received monthly payments from Valério to vote with the government; Costa Neto´s declarations suggest that, from the beginning, money was talking louder than political ideals.

Lula gaining timetIstoÉ #1870 says: "Lula is gaining time".

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