Monday, August 01, 2005


Weekly Magazines

IstoÉ # #1868: The Drama of the Innocents. A report about how the sons and daughters of the main involved in corruption denounces are dealing with the situation.

Jose DirceuVeja #1916 brings a photo of ex-Minister José Dirceu and the title: "The risk Dirceu".
According to Veja, Dirceu would be upset with President Lula, and could reveal facts to the Probing Comission, where he was summoned to speak this Tuesday.
UPDATE: José Dirceu spoke to the Comission on Tuesday, August 2nd, but didn´t attack the President. For the first time, José Dirceu and Roberto Jefferson met face to face; Jefferson reaffirmed his previous denounces, and added another one: Dirceu would have told Jefferson to send a representative of his Party, PTB, along with Marcos Valério, to talks with Portugal Telecom, in Lisbon. The purpose of the talk would be a financial donation from Portugal Telecom (which would be illegal, as foreigner institutions can not donate to Brazilian Parties) to PT and PTB; Jefferson didn´t give more details, and Dirceu denied the accusations.

rolling headEpoca #376 shows an image of a hanging rope, and says "The People wants Heads".
Last week, there were rumors in Brasilia about an agreement between politicians to bring mutual relief. Waldemar Costa Neto, who filed the ethical suit against Roberto Jefferson, would withdraw it; in turn, Jefferson would not file a suit against other politicians.
Update: much because of the outcry of the press, the agreement didn´t prosper. Waldemar Costa Neto resigned on August 4th, the process against Jefferson goes on, and PTB filed ethical suits against a few Deputies, including ex-Minister Jose Dirceu.

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