Saturday, August 13, 2005


Miguel Arraes dies

miguel arraesOn August 12th, ex-Governor Miguel Arres died at age 88.
Arraes was the Governor of Pernambuco when the Military Coup of 1964 ecloded.
Along with ex-governor of Rio Grande do Sul Leonel Brizola (who died in 2004), Arraes was one of the governors who resisted most to the Coup, openly admitting the hypothesis of taking arms to defend the law; Arraes had no support from the Army, and had to surrender and go to exile in Algeria.
Arraes returned to Brazil in 1979 and was elected Governor in 1986. Arraes was affiliated to Socialist Party, and had a popular appeal. He was elected once again in 1994, but lost the elections of 1998.
With the death of Arraes and Brizola, very few characters of the 1964 Coup are still alive.
Read this short biography of Miguel Arraes (in Portuguese).

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