Friday, August 12, 2005


Lula´s publicist admits crimes

Duda Mendonça is one of the most important men in Brazilian marketing.
He was the publicist who coordinated Lula´s campaign in 2002. Duda did a complete overhaul in Lula´s image: Duda was responsible, for example, for the creation of the motto "Lula Peace in Love", in contrast with the former, much more radical "I am against everything which has been made so far"; also, thanks to Duda, Lula started wearing Armani, toned down his voice, got a hair stylist, etc. Duda was also the director of all the TV sketches showing Lula during the campaign. It is a consensus that Duda Mendonça was one of the most important persons in the winning of Lula.

Duda´s partner was summoned by the Probing Comission, because Marcos Valério said that, by order of the Worker´s Party, he paid nearly R$ 15 million to Duda´s agency.
Duda went to the Comission, and declared that: he should be paid about R$ 25 million for his work during the Presidential campaign; in 2003, with Lula already in office, there was still a debt of R$ 10 million; Valério asked him to open a bank account in the Bahamas, and afterwards Duda received several deposits into this account, sent from several places around the world (Valério denied that he asked Duda to open the account, but confirmed that he sent the money).

These declarations brought Lula to the center of the crisis. So far, there were evidences that Valério and the Worker´s Party had collected illegal money to pay debts and to buy legislators, but there was no evidence against Lula.
Now, there are evidences that illegal money was used to boost Lula´s campaign. Moreover, that money was sent illegally to off shore banks, which, according to Brazilian laws, may characterize tax evasion, money laundering and other financial crisis.

Members of the Worker´s Party were seen crying in the Congress.
Members of opposition started talking openly about impeachment.

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