Saturday, August 13, 2005


Lula spoke to the Nation

At last, the President spoke to the Nation.
Since the inception of the crisis, the President had only spoken by means of advisors or in public events. For the first time, Lula spoke directly to the Nation (Duda Mendonça´s declaration, which for the first time involved the President directly with the crisis, was the main reason for this speech).
There was a meeting of the Cabinet on August 12th. Lula opened the meeting with a pronunciation.
First, reading a pre-written text, Lula recalled the recent good results of Brazilian economy. Then, still reading, Lula declared that he was terribly disappointed (the word in Portuguese was "indignado") by the recent revelations and he was feeling betrayed by people whom he trusted (he didn´t give any names).

In the end, after stopping reading, Lula said that "I dont´t feel ashamed to apologize. The Worker´s Party must apologize to the Nation. The government, if wrong, must apologize too".

The consensus among opposition and the media is that Lula´s speech was "too little and too late", far from enough to satisfy the public opinion.

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