Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Biggest Bank assault in Brazil ever

Last weekend - 7th and 8th August -, the branch of Central Bank in Fortaleza was assaulted. Thieves robbed 150 million reais, about US$ 65 million at current rate. This was the biggest assault in Brazilian History, and the fourth in the world.
Investigations have shown that thieves rented a house near the Bank three months ago; they carved a tunnel 80 meters long, then opened a hole in the floor to reach the coffer; the tunnel had an structure to carry electricity, water and even air conditioned to the people working on it.
Estimated weight of the robbed cash is 3,5 tons. It would take a few vans to carry it all. The thieves were careful enough to start the robbery on Saturday morning, to have all weekend to carry the money.
Read what the Washington Post wrote about bank robbery in Brazil.

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