Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Weekly Magazines

Epoca #375: Illegal Money. The magazine investigated how Marcos Valério managed to collect so much money. Época focus not on who received the money, but who paid the money to Valério. Very likely, much of that money was given by State and private companies, which didn´t declare those funds on their balances.
Brazilian magazinesIsto É brings in capital letters: DISILLUSION.
This is a reference to the feelings that Brazilian citizens are having towards the politicians and institutions.
Brazilian magazines
Veja: Blackmail.
Marcos Valério tried to blackmail President Lula. Early this month, Valério called José Genoíno (who still was President of the Worker´s Party), and threatened to tell everything he knew; according to Veja, Valério said "tell the beard man (Lula) that I have much to say about him".
According to Veja, to remain quiet, Valério demanded to collect a comission for trading bonds about Banco Economico, which failed a few years ago; the comission would be R$ 200 million.

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