Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Weekly Magazines

weekly magazines BrazilIsto É: "Why Lula is still Lula". The magazine analyses why, despite all the scandals, Lula still maintains high levels of popularity (see here).
Época: "Brasilia in Panic". Marcos Valério, the man accused of collecting money on behalf of PT, spoke to the Attorney General last week; as the subject of the conversation were not disclosed, the rumors are bringing panic to politicians in Brasilia.
Veja: "How much Lula knew". President Lula didn´t come up to state how much he knew about the payments to Deputies. Other parties (including Governors and ex-Ministers, besides Roberto Jefferson) say that they informed the President about the scheme. Veja interviewed important politicians and concluded that Lula knew more about the facts than what he admits to do.

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