Monday, July 11, 2005


Weekly Magazines

Isto É #1865: the Probing Comission is set on fire
Epoca #373: Worker´s Party going down

Brazil LulaVeja #1913 brings a question on the cover: Did He Know?
The following reports were published by Veja this week:

1) A recent survey shows that 55% of Brazilians think that President Lula knew at least something of what was going around him
2) An advisor of the Worker´s Party was arrested with R$ 200,000 and US$ 100,000 in cash (Brazilian legislation says that anyone travelling with more than R$ 10,000 must report to the Revenue Service). Such advisor works in Ceará, in the office of one of the brothers of José Genoíno, ex-President of Worker´s Party
3) José Genoíno resigned to the Presidency of the Worker´s Party last Friday; before him, Delúbio Soares, the treasurer, and Silvio Pereira, general secretary, had also resigned. The three of them had been accused by Roberto Jefferson of coordinating the mensalão (monthly payments to Deputies, in exchange of votes)
4) the son of President Lula was caught in a strange business transaction with a major company. Fabio Luis Lula da Silva, with a majoring in Biology, gathered with friends to found a tech company in 2003; during the period of Lula´s government, Fabio sold a participation of his company to giant Telemar, the biggest telecom company in Brazil. According to Veja, the following points are strange: Fábio had no previous knowlegdge on this field; his company sold for almost R$ 5 million; the transaction used a few accountancy tricks to hide the operation.

A word which has been avoided is now starting to show on the pages of the major magazines: impeachment.

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