Monday, July 11, 2005


Minister of Education to quit

Tarso Genro is going to quit his position as Minister of Education to assume the Presidency of the Worker´s Party.
Over the past few days, ex-President José Genoino, ex-treasurer Delubio Soares and ex-Secretary Silvio Pereira resigned from the Worker´s Party; they are all accused of collecting illegal money and bribing Deputies.

Tarso Genro decided to quit the Government and assume the Party.
Tarso was already the second Minister of Education of Lula´s government. The first Minister, Cristovam Buarque, an eminent educator, was sacked from the government for having had disagreements with ex-Minister José Dirceu; mr. Buarque stayed less than one year.
The new Minister is still to be defined; temporarily, Secretary Ronaldo Teixeira will take over.

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