Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Lula admits that his Party commits crime

President Lula visited France last week.
In an interview given to an unknown Brazilian journalist living in France, Lula admitted that his Party, PT, collected money from private parties and did not declare it to the Electoral Justice; Lula said that "this practice is systematically used by all Parties in Brazil."
Comments by Brazilian analysts:
1) again, Lula confessed to have committed crime: Parties collecting money without declaration is against the law, and the President learning about crimes and not reporting them is also against the law. A few months back, Lula said that a high advisor of his told him that there were evidences of corruption during the government of Fernando Henrique Cardoso, but Lula told the advisor to keep silent.
2) Lula gave only one interview to Brazilian journalists during his term so far; now, during this epoch of crisis, Lula chose an unknown journalist to speak to the Nation;
3) Lula is trying to separate his government from the Worker´s Party, blaming the latter for all the recent occurrences of corruption; by coincidence (?), on the eve of Lula´s interview, Marcos Valério and Delúbio Soares went to television to declare that they admitted to having committed electoral crimes (which, by Brazilian law, are punished with lighter penalties than corruption), but denying any other kind of crime (paying legislators, for example). General consensus is that Valério, Soares and Lula spoke in combination.

Read what Villas Boas Correa, a respected political journalist, wrote about this case.
Read what Reuters wrote about the interview.

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