Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Despite the scandal, Lula´s ratings rise

Results of a survey conducted by Institute Sensus published today show that President Lula is not being affected by the recent scandals.
The survey was conducted between 5th and 7th July and interviewed 2,000 people.

Lula´s Government was rated as "positive" by 40.3% of the interviewed people, up from 39.8% in May; personal approvation of President Lula is at 59.9% in July, up from 57.4% in May.
For 47.8% of people interviewed, President Lula has been acting in accordance with his duties; for 31.9%, he is not.
More than 77% have heard about the Post Office scandal, and more than 76% have heard about the Congress scandal (of those, 67% believe that Roberto Jefferson is telling the truth).

So, who is to blame, if not the President? For 35.4%, the Congress is responsible for the scandals; and for 31.2%, the Worker´s Party is the main responsible for the scandals.

Read what the Financial Times published about this survey.

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