Sunday, July 24, 2005


Brazilian is killed by British police

On Friday, July 22nd 2005, the Brazilian citizen Jean Charles de Menezes was mistaken by the British Police as a terrorist, and was shot to death in London.
Jean had been living in London for three years. Police reports say that he didn´t obey orders to stop; he run into an underground station, and was shot inside a train. The police shot him eight times, seven on the back of his head.
Brazilian Chanceller Celso Amorim travelled to London to meet British Chanceller Jack Straw.
Jean´s family (parents and brothers) live in Gonzaga, a small town (about 5,000 inhab.) in the interior of the State of Minas Gerais. Like many other Brazilians, he emigrated in search of better work opportunities; Jean worked as an electrician in London. Contrary to what has been published by the British media, Jean was not in illegal situation in Britain (as confirmed by Jack Straw); the British government is studying a financial compensation for the family.

The family is still claiming for Justice.
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