Monday, June 20, 2005


Weekly magazines

As expected, all three major weekly magazines mention the scandal in Government.

Veja brings an artistic photo of President Lula and the question: "Can it be fixed?". According to the magazine, Lula´s reputation, cultivated during more than two decades, was severely damaged by the recent accusations; Veja wonders if there is any way to fix the damages.

IstoÉ brings a photo of José Dirceu and the title: "Now, it´s War". José Dirceu is going back to the Chamber of Deputies. Dirceu himself said that, in Congress, he will have more freedom to defend the Party and the Government.

Época investigated the recent life of João Carvalho Genu. Genu is an close advisor of José Janene, leader of the Popular Party, accused by Roberto Jefferson of being involved in commerce of votes. Época shows the spetacular growth of Genu´s wealthiness, at the same time that he was the Treasurer of his Party.

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