Sunday, June 12, 2005


Weekly Magazines

Veja #1909 and IstoE #1860 both bring on the cover reports about the Worker´s Party.

Veja 1909Veja asks on the cover "Who else?". Besides Roberto Jefferson and Delubio Soares, who else is involved with corruption inside the government?
Veja also interviews Fernando Gabeira. Gabeira was mentor and one of the executors of the kidnapping of the American Ambassador in Brazil, Charles Elbrick, during the dictatorship; his group released the Ambassador in exchange for the freedom of some political prisoners, including today´s Chief of Staff Jose Dirceu; read more about Gabeira.
Gabeira is much respected by the leftists of Brazil. In 2004, he left the Worker´s Party, saying that Lula and his government had diverted too far from the social ideals that inspired the creation of the Party. In this interview, Gabeira says that the Worker´s Party is over; "today, the marketing is more important than the social", he says, noting that Lula spent more time talking to and artists than to the Minister of Education. The full interview is here.

Isto EIsto É writes on the cover "The Hope is under siege".
During his Presidential campaign, Lula's motto was "Let the Hope win the Fear". Right after his winning, Lula said "at last, the Hope won the Fear". Lula always said that he would bring Hope to the poor, but the Fear instigated by the elites would prevent him from winning the elections.
Isto É is now putting into doubt how much of the Hope can be realized.

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