Sunday, June 05, 2005


Weekly Magazines

The cover of IstoÉ #1860 brings a report about medicines: new drugs not yet fully known may cause troubles to users.

Amazon for SaleVeja #1908 reads in the cover: Amazon for Sale.
It is a well known fact that there is illegal exploration of timber in the Amazon.
Last week, some administrators of IBAMA, the Brazilian Agency for the Environment, were caught accepting bribery to provide the papers that would legalize the timber and permit its commercialization.
Veja mentions that such administrators were appointed by the Worker´s Party.

corruption in BrazilEpoca #368 brings a bombastic denounce.

Epoca found an "orange": orange, in Portuguese, is a person whose name is used to cover up illegal activities.
The magazine interviewed a man who would be a long time friend of Roberto Jefferson, the politician charged of collecting bribery within the Government. That man is very poor (he runs a small, nearly failing ice-cream parlor), but still he is co-owner of two radio stations in Rio de Janeiro; he says that he never received any money from the other co-owner. The other co-owner is a close friend of Jefferson´s.
Jefferson says that he gave the radio to his old friend in recognition of friendship; the co-owner says that the poor man never got any money because the radio never turned a profit.
Epoca suggests that there are illegal activies involved. The profits of the radio, which should go to the co-owners, are given another destination (possibly, Jefferson´s pockets).
The poor man (the "orange") never sees any money, but, for all tax and commercial purposes, he is the one receiving the profits.

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