Monday, June 06, 2005


Roberto Jefferson: Worker´s Party pays for the votes of Deputies

In an interview to the newspaper Folha de São Paulo today (June 6th), Roberto Jefferson came up with a bombastic declaration: the cashier of the Worker´s Party, Delubio Soares, for more than a year, paid R$ 30,000 monthly to Deputies of two Parties (Partido Popular and Partido Liberal), so as to have their votes in matters of interest of the government.
Donations to Parties and candidates are allowed by Brazilian legislation. Also, every affiliate of the Party must donate a share of the salary to the Party. Delubio is the man who, since before the 2002 elections, controls the cash flow of the Worker´s Party; rumors go that he is sitting on a large amount of cash.

Jefferson said, furthermore, that several high caliber politicians and the President himself were made aware of the situation.
Jefferson said that his Party was invited to take part in the scheme, but he refused. He said that he alerted a few Ministers (including Chief of Staff Jose Dirceu and Finances Minister Antonio Palocci), but to no avail. Then, early this year, he talked with President Lula, and the payments were ceased.

The denounce puts Parties under suspicion of creating a corruption net inside the Parliament; worse, it puts the President under suspicion of learning about the corruption, and not doing anything about it.

Read what ABC wrote about this scandal.

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